“I don’t know how something so simple can make me feel so good. You are truly a healer.”

MF at 95 years old – Chevy Chase, MD.

From a patient coming for fertility and anxiety issues after one treatment: “ I have never felt this normal in my whole life! I have always been a ball of anxiety. It is so nice not worrying all the time.”
VW- Washington, DC.

“I have been a patient of Zoë Brenner for over 25 years. I rely on Zoë and her excellent treatment to help me maintain my overall health and especially for helping control my migraine headaches. Her approach of treating the “whole” person has had a powerful impact on how I view wellness in the largest sense. Zoë is also well-versed in the knowledge of herbs and supplements which have made a huge difference for me as far as specific issues like menopause.”
Donna Devall – Washington, DC.

“I have been coming for treatment for three years while dealing with metastatic breast cancer. Acupuncture helps me be more stable. The treatment has helped my mood and even my soul so that I can do more things in my life. Sometimes when I come in for a treatment I can feel down and weak and even in pain. When I leave I feel well. It helps me tolerate the chemotherapy. I think it helps stimulate the immune system so may be helping me maintain myself. It is so important to me to be able to live and have a full life with the cancer.  I feel the acupuncture has contributed a lot in that way.”
C.M. – Bethesda, MD.

“Zoë listens to all the things that are bothering you even when they don’t seem to be related. She puts them together and explains how they may fit into the situation. I feel that I can say whatever is bothering me and she will pay attention and not dismiss the symptom. She has a great way of addressing you as a whole person and not just a symptom.”
Monica S. -patient and mother of patient, Silver Spring, MD.

“I have been seeing Zoë for several months.  She is very patient, gentle, careful, and attentive.  Although I find acupuncture mysterious (how does it work? why does it work?), nevertheless, the results do speak for themselves.  I feel better.  My experience with Zoë’s practice is completely positive – she thinks about me as a whole person, not just a constellation of symptoms and she makes suggestions that might be helpful without being at all dogmatic.  I would recommend her without question to anyone considering acupuncture.”
FK – Bethesda, MD

“I have been seeing Zoë regularly for the past several months for knee pain that has been bothering me for quite some time. At first I was apprehensive about acupuncture as I did not know what to expect. Zoë’s warm and friendly personality immediately put me at ease as she explained the process. As treatment has progressed, Zoë does not pressure me to “schedule more appointment”; rather she lets me determine the treatment schedule depending on my level of pain or discomfort. And most importantly, at least to me, Zoë has brought me to a level of comfort and relief. I would recommend Zoë without hesitation to anyone who wishes to pursue acupuncture.”
CS – Chevy Chase, MD.

“A friend and patient of Zoë’s recommended I try acupuncture for my migraines. I resisted for a few months but after a headache that lasted for thirty days I thought my only other option was to see a neurologist. I didn’t have high expectations having seen a chiropractor for three years, deep tissue massage for three months and taking Maxalt 2-3 times a day. Nothing relieved the jaw clenching all consuming pain. My life was all about the pain. But…..after just 1 treatment from Zoë my neck pain was gone, I didn’t have another migraine again! This was nothing short of a miracle for me. Zoë made me feel like a happy, hopeful human being. I had forgotten what it felt like to not have pain. Thank you Zoë you gave me back the person I used to be.”
Pamm – Bethesda, MD.

“I feel better in my whole being- everything- not just my body. Specifically the pain in my back and leg are better and even the essential tremor which I did not come for is better. I am more relaxed after just 4 treatments. My daughters complained that I was saying that I had no love for life and it didn’t matter if I died. That is very different and I am much better. I am looking forward to things in a different way.”

Maria Guimaraes


I started to see Zoe about two years ago when my husband and I were struggling to conceive.  She specializes in the female productive system and used to work for a fertility clinic.  Long story short, in two weeks, my interstitial cystitis was gone (something my medical doctor struggled to successfully treat for years and was causing me tons of issues and discomfort in efforts to become pregnant) and in two months, I was pregnant!

After a number of failed attempts by his pediatrician, I also took my, then three-month-old, son to her to be treated for a rash and clogged tear ducts.  Within a day both cleared up completely!  In top of it all, she processes my insurance claims for me.  I’ve refereed a number of people to her, especially for fertility.  So glad I found her!

Elyse D.